Parts, Warehousing & Logistics

Parts, Warehousing & Logistics

Do you need a logistics expert to stock spare parts for your customers in Ireland? Through our Parts, Warehousing & Logistics solutions, OHM Group offers effective supply chain management for multiple OEMs. With 13 OHM Group parts depots nationwide (excluding retailer networks), we offer the strategic advantage of one-party inventory management and eliminate the risks associated with spare parts delivery.

Central Parts Division HQ:

  • Purpose designed, multi-level warehouse facility (over 7,500m2) with full loading capability
  • ISO audited and approved
  • Online parts ordering system
  • Nationwide daily delivery (overnight) and twice daily in Dublin
  • Best in class service:
    • 94% availability
    • 100,000 live stock online
    • 94% of items order and ship on same day


  • Market leading operating and analysis systems – Keyloop/ADP, DAF MDI
  • Online parts ordering systems
  • Warranty returns
  • Strong incentive schemes ensure loyalty and drive growth, monitored by Field Force


  • 70+ strong team of parts and warehousing specialists across OHM Group locations