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Doing business with OHM Group means having a partner with the expertise and experience needed to succeed in Ireland today. We have always worked successfully with local and international businesses – from dealers providing us with their expertise, to manufacturers offering their products.

We understand the significance of the relationships we develop with our manufacturers, dealers, and ultimately our customers. Our goal is to develop mutually beneficial relationships that will allow us and all of our business partners to attain the highest level of excellence.

Some of our key strengths include:

  • Entrepreneurial business ethos.
  • Partnership Concept – a coincidence of interests between manufacturer, distributor, dealer and customer.
  • ISO Accredited businesses with a proven reputation for looking after our customers and our business partners.
  • Track record of building and repositioning brands while achieving sustainable growth.
  • Extensive networks across Ireland and internationally.
  • A Professional, modern and energetic team, backed by 50 years of experience.
  • State of the art facilities including prestigious corporate headquarters, providing powerful brand presence and profile on the N7/8 (the busiest road in the country).
  • Award-winning retail outlets.
  • Full service backup, training and technical support across all products.
  • Centralised parts management, warehousing and logistics.
  • Whether your firm is large, medium, or small; whether your relationship with OHM Group is new or long-standing, we want to share business success with you now and into the future.